Capital Projects

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Wintergreen and Duncanville Roads Intersection Improvements

This is a partnership project with Dallas County, and the funding partners include Cedar Hill, Duncanville, DeSoto, TxDOT and Regional Toll Revenue. Construction for this project will be managed by Dallas County Public Works.

The scope of work for this project will be implemented in two phases.

  • Phase I - Limits from Main Street intersection to 900 feet south along Duncanville Road include intersection improvements, roadway widening, trail, sidewalks, lighting, and drainage improvements.
  • Phase II - Wintergreen Road improvements beginning at Phase I terminus to Cockrell Hill Road are in the construction phase.

This project was awarded January 2019 and construction on Phase I began August 2019.  Phase II construction is scheduled to begin by the end of September 2020. The roadway construction is substantially complete and expected to be approved March 2022.

For more information on the Wintergreen Road project, please click here to view the project fact sheet.

US Hwy 67 Landscaping Project

This is a partnership project with TxDOT as part of the Green Ribbon Program to provide landscaping and hardscaping on the US Hwy 67 corridor. The landscaping with be focused at the northern City limits and the intersection of US Hwy 67 and FM 1382. The construction contract was awarded July 2021 and construction began October 2021.

Safe Routes to School Sidewalk Project

This is a partnership project with TxDOT to improve the safety and ability of students to walk or bicycle to and from school. The project with include the installation of 3.21 miles of sidewalks in four areas of the City with a focus on public or private primary or middle school. The construction contract was awarded October 2021 and construction began December 2021.

Downtown Street Reconstruction, Phase 1

Implement Phase 1 Street Improvements as identified in the Downtown Complete Streets Plan. Construction contract was awarded December 2021 and construction began February 2022. For more information and to sign up for project notifications, please visit Let's Talk Cedar Hill.

Cedar Hill Road Water Line Replacement, Phase 1

Replacement of an 8" water main along Cedar Hill Road from northern City limits to Wintergreen Road, including the asphalt roadway reconstruction. Construction contract was awarded April 2022 and construction began May 2022. 


The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) consist of projects that involve the construction of infrastructure and major facilities such as streets, water lines, sewer lines, storage tanks, etc. These investments are essential elements of providing premier service to the City of Cedar Hill and meets the following City Council Premier Statements: