Water / Sewer


Water DropletThe Water and Sewer Division is responsible for providing safe drinking water to the citizens of Cedar Hill and maintaining the operations of the wastewater collection system by minimizing wastewater service interruptions through maintaining and improving the wastewater system.

Other duties relate to maintaining and repairing the city's wastewater collection system. Preventive maintenance is a primary concern for the wastewater system.

The city purchases potable water from the City of Dallas and contracts with the Trinity River Authority for treatment of its wastewater.

Duties of Operations Staff

The duties of the water and sewer operations staff include the following functions:

  • Maintain city's water distribution system
  • Repair and replace water mains
  • Replace pavement affected by water main repairs
  • Repair and replace sewer (wastewater) mains
  • Repair sanitary sewer stoppages and overflows
  • Install water and sewer service taps
  • TV inspection services of sewer mains
  • Fire hydrant repair and maintenance
  • Drinking water taste and odor complaints
  • Water main leak repairs
  • Maintain city's wastewater collection system
  • Maintain city's water pump stations
  • Elevated water tanks and ground storage tanks
  • Paint and repair pump stations and ground storage tanks as necessary
  • Respond to customer requests
  • Water conservation and emergency water-use management
  • Monthly bacteriological water samples
  • Backflow and cross-connection control program
  • Utility line locates for construction or excavation