Escarpment Development

  1. What is an escarpment?
  2. What is the purpose of escarpment development regulations?
  3. Escarpment Development Application

The Balcones Escarpment which runs through Cedar Hill is one of the most defining physical characteristics of our city.  Considered to be the highest point between the Red River and the Gulf Coast, Cedar Hill rises above 880 feet mean sea level. The Escarpment is a steep slope or long cliff that formed as an effect of erosion or vertical movement along the Balcones Fault zone, giving it's distinctive hillside character.  While the Escarpment is prominent in Cedar Hill, this natural feature extends across Texas from the Red River to Del Rio.  Because the Escarpment in Cedar Hill is an environmentally fragile bluff, development within this area is regulated by City Ordinance.

Illustration of Contact Point of Escarpment Area JPGNew Clark Road JPG