Streets / Drainage


The Street Division works to ensure safe and direct passage for vehicles and pedestrians on all streets and sidewalks within the city limits.

  • Street resurfacing program
  • Street and alley repair
  • Crack and joint sealing
  • Pot hole repair
  • Street sanding during winter weather
  • Sidewalk and curb replacement / construction
  • ADA curb cuts
  • Maintain creeks and drainage channels to ensure adequate flow of storm water
  • Inspect and clean drainage channels of debris
  • Removal of obstructions from drainage culverts
  • Maintenance of storm sewers


Mowing of right-of-way areas and landscaped medians are scheduled on a seasonal basis by the Parks Department. The City Street Department does not maintain FM 1382 and Highway 67 or the signs and signals within the State right-of-way. To report problems or concerns regarding State roads, you may call the Texas Department of Transportation at (972) 263-1387.

No Parking at the Entrances to Alleyways

An amendment was made to the Code of Ordinances, Article III, Chapter 11, Section 11-119 to add (a)(2)d., prohibiting on street parking at the entrance to an alley "within twenty-five (25) feet of a projected line along the edge of any alley pavement, measured along the curb line or along the edge of pavement if there is no curb." For more information view Ordinance Number 2013-515 (PDF).

No Parking Along a Portion of Sims Drive

A new ordinance has been adopted wihch prohibits parking on the east side of Sims Drive from a point 200 feet north of Whitney Street to a point 100 feet south of Plummer Drive. For more information view Ordinance 2013-516 (PDF).