Water Consumption Alerts


Cedar Hill offers state of the art automated meter reading technology that provides customers near real time water consumption awareness and monitoring capability through a Customer Portal. Customers can set consumption or dollar thresholds and get email or text alerts when those thresholds are exceeded. Customers can monitor consumption over months, weeks, days or hours and compare their consumption to similar customers. Customers may and are encouraged to pay their monthly utility bills through the Customer Portal at any time of the day, or set up automated monthly payments which pay on the customers due date. Learn more about the Customer Portal (PDF).

To sign up for and manage notifications, you will need to create a new account in our Water Consumption & Notification Portal.

  1. Visit the Water Consumption & Notification Portal
  2. Choose "Sign Up"
  3. Create a new account by inputting your account data and following the directions provided.

If you have already followed the directions above and created a new account in our Water Consumption & Notification Portal, simply press the button below and sign in.

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