Utility Services 

General Information

Cedar Hill provides water and sewer services to residents. Trash and recycling services outsourced and provided by Waste Management. Electricity services and gas services are not available through the City. 

Customers with questions about water or sewer utility services provided by the City should call 469-272-2931. (Press seven (7), then press zero (0) to speak to a Customer Service Representative).

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Customers with questions about trash, recycling, or bulk/brush services should contact Waste Management Customer Call Center at 972-315-5400 or visit Trash/Recycling/Landfill page.

For New Service or to Transfer Existing Services

Visit our Residential Water Service page 

Visit our Commercial Water Service page


Customers are encouraged to conserve fuel and help keep Cedar Hill clean by making utility bill payments using a method not requiring a vehicle trip Note: If your service has been disconnected or if you have received notification that your service is to be disconnected, you MUST call 469-272-2931 after your payment has been made to restore service or ensure uninterrupted service. Payments take up to 24 hours to post to the account and may be made:

Online Payments

Click here to pay your bill online

On the App

My Cedar Hill App

On the Web

Customers can register on their customer portal to manage account information, pay bills and initiate service requests online here. Payments on the web may be made with a credit/debit card or check. The Usage History tab on the portal allows customers to monitor and manage their water use. The customer portal offers customers the most flexibility for all aspects of account management and its use is highly encouraged. Call the Utility Services Department at 469-272-2931 during business hours for assistance with using the customer portal.

On the Kiosk


A Faster, Easier, and More Convenient Utility Bill Pay Option

A payment kiosk has been installed in the Cedar Hill Police Department lobby for payment of utility payments. The payment process is fast, easy, and is available 24/7. The kiosk will take cash, checks, or credit cards as forms of payment and the kiosk is free to use.

The payment process is simple: 

Step 1) Touch the screen to start and select Cedar Hill

Step 2) Enter your account number and information

Step 3) Define the amount you would like to pay and insert payment (cash/check/card) 

Step 4) Leave with a receipt

Personal information on the kiosk is not stored, making the terminal a safe and secure payment method. Skip the lines and pay on your time; fast, easy, and convenient.

Over the Phone

Utility payment may be made through our automated phone system by dialing 469-272-2931. Please have your account number and credit card on hand. You may pay with a credit/debit card or check. For more information visit Telephone Customer Service.

Personal Banking

You may pay your utility bill using your personal bank account by providing your bank with appropriate billing information. Simply enter your customer and account numbers with all the zeros and our mailing address at: 

City of Cedar Hill - Utility Services
285 Uptown Blvd, Building #100
Cedar Hill, TX  75104

Please be aware that when using this method, the date you specify for the payment will be the date the bank mails your payment. Therefore, please allow for mailing time when specifying your payment date so that your payment won’t be late. Payments received after the due date will be assessed late fees.

By Mail

Payments by money order or check may be mailed to the: 

City of Cedar Hill - Utility Services
285 Uptown Blvd, Building #100
Cedar Hill, TX  75104 

Automated Check Payment (ACH)

Residents can sign up for ACH bill payment service. This payment is an electronic transfer of funds from your checking account to the City, and actual transfers take place on the payment due date. This transfer is immediate and your utility account is credited the same day that funds are debited from your bank account. There is no charge for this service. Please allow two to three billing cycles after signing up for the automated payment process to take effect. City Ordinance 2010-425 states a customer will be assessed the maximum amount for returned checks allowed under Section 3. 506 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code 

Using one of the three drop boxes

You may place a check or money order for your payment in the drop box at any of these Government Center, the one inside Government Center and at the Alan E. Sims Recreation Center at any time. Do not place cash in any of the drop boxes. Contents of the boxes are picked up once per business day by 2 p.m. and payments made after the daily pickup will be received and posted the following business day.

Residential & Commercial Water Sewer Rates and Charges

Water and Sewer Rates

Water rates are $9.20/month for administrative utility services (base rate) including the first 1,000 gallons of water consumed, plus $6.10 (consumption rate) for each 1,000 gallons consumed above the first thousand. Residents are billed monthly and charges are for the water used for the past 30 days.

Sewer rates are $9.48/month for administrative utility services (base rate) including the first 1,000 gallons of consumption, plus $8.20 (consumption rate) for each 1,000 gallons consumed above the first thousand. Commercial establishments are billed monthly and charges are for the consumption over the past 30 days.

Sewer Charge Calculations: Residential Accounts

For new residential accounts, the initial monthly sewer charge is set at $58.68/month, however after four months of continuous account history, and if the account is in good standing, a customer may request a consumption analysis based on their actual usage to determine if the monthly sewer charges may be reduced (New Residential Sewer Fee Adjustment.) If you have a new residential account and believe you qualify for this analysis, please call 469-272-2931 or email Customer Service to submit a request.

For established accounts, monthly residential sewer charges are recalculated annually in March based on winter month consumption using a model called Winter Sewer Averaging per City Ordinance. The recalculated monthly fee is applied to each account each April and is effective for one year until the following March when it is again recalculated. Monthly residential charges may not exceed $80.00.  

For more information on Residential Sewer Rate Calculations, please click here to see an example and Sewer Fee Table. 

Commercial Accounts

Commercial water and sewer charges are based on monthly consumption at the rates listed above and sewer charges are not capped.

Trash & Recycling Rates and Charges

The City contracts with Waste Management (WM) for all collection services (trash/recycling/brush/bulk) and WM has an exclusive right to provide these services in Cedar Hill.

Residential rates are $15.92/month for account holders under 65 years old. For those 65 and older, the rate is $12.33/month. This rate includes weekly trash, recycling and bulk collection, and monthly brush collection. To apply for the senior discount, print and complete the Senior Trash/Recycle Application. The completed form along with a copy of the account holder/applicant’s driver’s license can be dropped off, mailed to 285 Uptown Boulevard, Cedar Hill TX 75104, Attn: Utility Services Department, or attached to an email to Utility Services. Once the application and identification are received and approved by the City, the discount will be applied to the account effective on the date of approval.

Trash and recycling are collected weekly, on the same day. Review the collection day map. Trash and recycling should be set out by 7 a.m. on collection day. You may set carts out after 6 p.m. or one hour before sunset, whichever is earlier, on the evening before collection. Only Waste Management carts are serviced. Any other containers will not be serviced.

  1. Every single-family home has a green 96-gallon wheeled cart with a green lid for household trash.
  2. Every single-family home has been issued a 96-gallon wheeled cart with a yellow lid for recycling. Carts will not be collected if they contain anything but acceptable recyclable materials.
  3. Please place cart 5 feet from obstructions (such as vehicles or mailboxes) within 1 from curb or fence if in an alley. Place carts 2-3 feet apart with the handles facing the home or fence.
  4. Residents may elect to lease an additional 96-gallon cart (trash and/or recycle) for $3.25 per month per cart. To request a cart, submit a request or call the Customer Service Department at 469-272-2931.
  5. Green waste, brush and bulk items are collected on a monthly pickup schedule. You can find your service day and area by entering your address here 

Emergency Service Calls

Residents and business owners are expected to know how to turn water on and off at their premises using their personal cut-off (see link below to City and Private responsibilities). However, City staff is available on an on-call basis, if resources permit, to assists with emergency cutoffs between the hours of 5pm and 9pm (non-holiday) Monday through Friday and from 9am to noon on Saturday. Staff is limited and multiple emergencies can occur simultaneously so response timelines will depend on availability of staff and task load. For emergency disconnects during these extended hours, call 972-780-6643. 

Customers are reminded that the meter, associated meter equipment and the meter box are City Property. Penalties may be a applied to accounts when this equipment is manipulated without authorization by customers. Learn more about City and Private responsibilities (PDF).