Residential Security Check


Did you know that the Cedar Hill Police Department offers a free service that checks on your home while you are away?

Go to the application (PDF), fill it out, and drop it off at the Police Department, located at 285 Uptown Boulevard, Building 200, before you leave town. This free service of the CHPD will provide inspections of the accessible exterior of your home while you are away, minimum of three days, maximum of 30 days-excluding the day of departure and day of return.

The Residential Security Check program is available to Cedar Hill residents who turn in the completed application form at the police station.

Be aware that you cannot have anyone else at your residence, such as feeding animals or tending plants during this time. And, be sure to notify CHPD immediately if you return early or if other information on the form changes.

If a crime has occurred, we will attempt to notify you or the emergency contact person listed on the application form.

Helpful Tips

  • Do not let shrubbery obscure doors and windows so the burglar can work undetected
  • At night, leave a few lights on outside and inside your home
  • Windows and doors should be securely locked
  • Do not leave "hidden keys" outside
  • Try to make your home look occupied while you are away. Stop mail and/or newspaper delivery

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!