Cedar Hill, Texas is located in the southwest corner of Dallas County. The Cedar Hill Fire Department was organized in May, 1941, with 11 volunteer members. In 1964, the Cedar Hill Fire Department took a step that no other department within hundreds of miles had taken, when it established an EMS response within the Fire Department.
Today, the department operates 4 fully staffed Fire Stations, staffed by 78 highly trained personnel. The department maintains a fleet of superior apparatus and equipment, providing premier service to the citizens of Cedar Hill. The department responds annually to more than 5,000 alarms.
The department has 2 specialty apparatus that could respond locally,regionally or as a state asset. AMBUS MPV 2-03, a 19 bed mass casualty bus. TIFMAS E3-64, a Type VI 4 wheel drive engine.   

Fireworks Are Illegal in Cedar Hill

Fireworks season is quickly approaching and many of you will be headed out to the big fireworks stands to buy all your favorites to entertain your families, friends and neighbors!

Please remember, it is illegal to possess, store, handle, or use fireworks inside the city limits of Cedar Hill.  Cedar Hill, like many cities in North Texas, will be conducting "Fireworks Patrols" and they will confiscate all fireworks and you could be issued a citation with a maximum fine of $2,000. Additionally, fireworks can present a significant danger to yourself and others.

no firework in the city limits