Annual Neighborhood Summit

On Saturday, September 28th the Neighborhood Advisory Board hosted their 4th annual Neighborhood Summit. The neighborhood summit is a community gathering that takes place, typically, once a year, bringing together residents, local officials, community organizations, and other stakeholders to learn and plan for the future of a neighborhood or community. These summits are typically organized by the Neighborhood Advisory Board with the goal of fostering communication, collaboration, and civic engagement among residents.

ICYMI: 2020 Virtual Neighborhood Summit (Youtube link)

Key features of an annual neighborhood summit may include:

Community Engagement: The summit provides a platform for residents to engage with each other and with local decision-makers. It encourages active participation and networking. The summit facilitates networking and relationship-building among residents, local elected officials, and the Neighborhood Services department. It can help residents connect with resources and support available in their neighborhood.

2023 Neighborhood Summit

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Information Sharing: Workshops, presentations, and panel discussions may be held to share information on topics such as public safety, infrastructure projects, educational initiatives, healthcare services, and more. Experts and community leaders may be invited to speak.

Community Building: The event can promote a sense of community and belonging among residents. It's an opportunity for neighbors to get to know each other and build a stronger sense of unity through discussions about long-term plans and goals for the neighborhood. This could involve urban planning, revitalization projects, or other initiatives aimed at improving the community's quality of life.

Recognition: Each year the Neighborhood Advisory Board accepts submissions for multiple neighborhood awards and the award recipients are recognized at this event. Learn more on our Annual Awards page.

The format and specific topics of an annual neighborhood summit can vary widely based on the needs and interests of the community. The goal is to empower residents to be active participants in shaping the future of their neighborhood and to foster a sense of civic pride and responsibility.