Fire Inspections

The Fire Prevention Division conducts the following types of inspections: Foster Home, Daycares, Community Homes, Food Trucks, Propane Installations, Fire Protection Systems, Fire Access Control, Fire Final, and Certificate of Occupancy.  If an inspection is associated with a fire permit, you will need to have the permit number available.       

Commercial Fire Inspections

Inspections are required on all new construction and all existing commercial buildings to identify fire hazards and to ensure that adopted fire codes are met. 

Annual Fire Protection System Testing

If you are conducting annual fire protection system tests, be sure the system is on "test mode" to avoid false alarm calls to our 911 dispatch. Fire protection companies are required by City Ordinance to submit reports for all systems tested to the Fire Marshal. 

To schedule an inspection, contact us at 972-291-1011; Monday- Friday 7:00AM-6:00PM.

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    Tammie Cooper

    Fire Inspector
    Phone: 972-291-1011 ext.2384
    Additional Phone: 214-317-0228