2019 Master Plan Update

About the 2019 Master Plan Update

The Cedar Hill 2012 Parks, Recreation, Trails & Open Space Visioning Master Plan was adopted in September 2012. The 2012 plan is based on three innovative concepts: the City will grow and flourish as a city within a park; 20 percent of Cedar Hill’s land area will consist of public and private open space; and the interface of nature and built environment will be celebratCover of the 2019 Master Plan Update Opens in new windowed and influence the design of public infrastructure. 

As with most cities, the economic recession from 2008 through 2014 prevented Cedar Hill from fully funding and implementing many recommendations for the park system in the 2012 Master Plan. Because of this, many of the goals and recommendations in the 2012 plan remain relevant and continue to serve as a guide for the development of the parks system. 

In a 2017 bond election, 69 percent of Cedar Hill voters approved $15 million for parks improvements, including $5 million for investments in neighborhood and community parks; $3.5 million for replacement of the community outdoor pool; $1.5 million to develop trails; and $5 million for the first phase of a signature community park. The community support to continue to invest in and develop the park system is a major driver of the priorities and goals of this update. 

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department requires the Master Plan be updated five years from the original adoption date. This update of the Master Plan addresses the following: 

  • Goals & Policies 
  • Demographics 
  • Parks, Recreation and Open Space Classification 
  • Accomplishments Since the Adoption of the 2012 Plan 
  • Needs Assessment and Identification 
  • Trail Evaluation
  • Five Year Action Plan 

The purpose of this update is to document the achievements since the 2012 plan, identify preferences and priorities, and provide guidance for the continued development of Cedar Hill’s parks, recreation, trails and open space system. The plan will also help the City of Cedar Hill compete for grants from various regional, state, and federal sources, including the North Central Texas Council of Governments and Texas Parks & Wildlife. 

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