Park and Monument Signage

Park Signage
New signage is on the way for 18 Cedar Hill parks. Over the years, there have been various styles of park signage constructed throughout the City. Some parks do not have signage while other signs lack landscaping. The City desires to standardize the signage and install supporting landscaping. 

On May 27, 2017, Cedar Hill approved the "City Signage Design and Guideline Program" which established standardize signage for City facility signs throughout the City including park signage. 

Parks identified for new signage:
Bear Creek Park
Bradford Park
Calf Pasture Park
Community Center Park/ Senior Center
Crawford Park
Dot Thomas Park
Highlands South Park
Liberty Park
Longhorn Park
Meadows Park
Prairie View Park
Ramsey Park
Virginia Weaver Park
Waterford Oaks Park
Wildwood Park
Windsor Park

Park signage construction will begin in November 2017 and schedules for completion in early Summer 2018. Construction will begin in limited locations. As signs are completed, construction operations will move to other park locations. 

The new park signage will have solar lighting, an irrigation system and landscape planting beyond what is shown in the conceptual diagram. 

Park Signage Scheduled for Replacement

Park Signage Replacement

Conceptual Diagram of New Park Sign

New Park Sign

Park Sign Currently Under Construction

Park Signage under construction
Entry Monument Signage
The City of Cedar Hill's entry feature monuments are also included in this construction improvement. The entry signs will be in the street median on:
Beltline Road, west of Duncanville Road
Mansfield Road at Lake Ridge Parkway

The monument signage will also have solar lighting, an irrigation system and landscape planting.

Please feel free to contact:
Steve Schell
City of Cedar Hill Project Manager
972-291-5126 ext. 2839

Conceptual Diagram Entrance Signage on Mansfield Road

Entrance Sign