3rd Party Review

Ronald B. Coker, P.E.                                                
Coker Engineering, LLC                                            
Life Safety & Fire Protection Engineering            
1540 Keller Pkwy., Ste. 108 #319                          
Keller, TX  76248-3685                                            

Reed Fire Protection Engineering, LLC
4144 N. Central Expwy., Ste. 510
Dallas, TX  75204
800-381-5504  or 214-638-7599
Fax: 214-638-4710

Excel Consultants                                                      
Elias Bathish, P.E.                                                    
5205 Tacoma Dr.                                                    
Arlington, TX  76017                                                            Frisco, TX  75035

Traditions Fire consulting, LLC
Nicholas Kalina
P. O. Box 5587
Frisco, TX  75035

Goodson Engineering
John Gillette, III
1500 Spencer Rd.
Denton, TX  76205

Contractors should submit all life safety plans directly to one of the above firms for review. The third party reviewer will forward approved plans directly to the Fire Marshal Office. Contractors will be contacted by the Fire Marshal Office for permits and plan retrieval.