Project Summary

Summary -

The City Center Plan is a specific area plan dedicated to transforming Cedar Hill's City Center into a walkable, mixed-use destination that will have a sense of place. City Center consists of 3 sub districts referred to as Uptown, Midtown and Historic Downtown.

The scope of the project is incredibly huge as it centers around the Government Center and includes 800 acres of land from Uptown Village to the Historic Downtown area.

Background -

The initial City Center planning effort began in 2009, as the City was presented with a unique funding opportunity to move the City Center initiative forward. The City applied for, and received a formula grant of $176,600 through the Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, and used over half of the grant to finance the first phase of the City Center initiative, of which the 2010 City Center Vision Plan (PDF) document is the end result. This vision plan envisioned the entire City Center will become more walkable and pedestrian-oriented with a compact development pattern that will change local and regal traffic patterns, reducing the need to drive and produce energy savings. The success of compact development and potential energy savings is dependent on increasing housing choices, a pedestrian-friendly design, a mix of land uses, and a dense urban form.

On June 3, 2010, as part of the 2009-2010 Sustainable Development Call for Projects, the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) approved Cedar Hill's applications for a $125,000 grant for the next steps in developing the City Center Vision Plan. The funds were subject to Cedar Hill committing to 20% ($31,250) of the total project costs ($156,250). These funds were used to develop the 2014 City Center Development Plan, which was a refinement of the City Center Vision Plan which includes a vision for each of the 3 districts, and a 10 year market assessment conducted. Based upon the market assessment, adjustments to the land use, mobility, and circulater portions of the plan were made.

Present Status -

As City Council has adopted the City Center Development Plan in October 2014, the implementation of this plan is fully underway. Implementation of the Plan has four components: Regulation Actions, Economic/Financing Strategies, Communication/Marketing and Projects. To advance the City Center Development Plan, each of these strategies needs to be executed.